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At any company, hiring processes revolve around finding the best person for the job. However, in the process of looking for the right person, people often won’t look at the qualities that make a candidate the right person for the position. Most people just focus on applicant’s relevant experience, education, and accomplishments, and while all that is important to consider, they should pay much more attention to candidates’ attributes and how well they align with the demands of the particular job.

Attributes are innate characteristics–creativity, empathy, decision making, for example–that employees bring to the table, and an employee’s attributes influence the positions that they would be best for. Despite the fact that attributes play a critical role in employee’s success, most hiring processes are too general and overlook candidates’ attributes altogether. People look for smart, hardworking applicants with impressive resumes and accomplishments, and they make their final decisions based on these factors. An intelligent, hardworking staff isn’t a bad thing, of course, but by ignoring candidates’ attributes, people effectively turn a blind eye to the innate qualities that can make or break new employees. Yes, your new art director is smart, personable, and creative–but can they make a decision? Are they comfortable in a fast-paced environment? If your hiring process didn’t look into his or her attributes, then you may not find out until it’s too late.

Hiring decisions that do not factor in an applicant’s attributes will create problems in the long run because the person who eventually gets the job may not be able to perform optimally in their new role. This is unfair to them since they may lack the required attributes for the job, and as such they will not have the success either or they had hoped for. Additionally, this also forces the leader of the company (you, more likely than not) to continually give them feedback and support about how they can do well in a role that they aren’t well-suited for. Empowering employees is one thing, but at the end of the day, you can’t force a round peg into a square hole.

So instead of watered-down hiring processes that ignore candidates’ attributes, take a look at the attributes that are required of each position within your company. Then, work with your HR department to identify new ways of screening and interviewing candidates to ensure that your eventual hires are the right matches with the right attributes for the job.