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The Importance of Attributes

If you were a football coach looking for a new offensive lineman, your list of potential players would probably include exclusively athletes that weigh 300 pounds or more. If you were a basketball coach on the hunt for a new center, your list would feature players...

Lessons in Leadership with Delta Air Lines’ CEO

Millions of Americans will travel this holiday season, and for many of them, riding the trains, planes, and automobiles can be a stressful experience. This was certainly the case aboard a recent flight on Delta Air Lines when one man–an abusive supporter of...
How a Business’ Culture can Shape its Success

How a Business’ Culture can Shape its Success

Businesses are like miniature societies, and like all societies, each business has its own unique culture. Of course, because businesses are largely self-contained, their cultures are flexible and open to change–not without great difficulty, though–so...


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